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Power Transfer Products – Parts & Service for Fuel Transfer & Portable Pumps – Meter Calibration Custody Transfer & Clean Diesel Products

aviation pump fueling skidPower Transfer Products provides power transfer products and services, including pumps, meters and meter calibration custody transfer, filtration systems, and other fluid handling equipment and CleanDiesel products throughout the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.


We distribute equipment, parts, and services for high quality fuel transfer stationary and portable pumps manufactured by Dixon Pumps. Power Transfer Products offers many models and can accommodate customized orders. Most lube oil and transfer pumps are in stock and our stationary and portable pumps are available in a variety of configurations, including explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof models.

Design and Engineering

Power Transfer Products emphasizes application engineering to ensure all our products meet your requirements. Customized orders are filled quickly and efficiently according to customer specifications. Power Transfer Products provides fully automated, state-of-the-art filtration products and systems to help customers increase their productivity and profitability while minimizing operator intervention.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer you our vast knowledge and experience of the energy industry, our commitment to providing quality work, products, and services, and our integrity, reputation, and dedication to customer satisfaction! In addition to providing superior products and services, exceptional customer service is a primary goal of our company. Our staff has more than 20 years of industrial fuel and liquid handling experience. We are eager to serve you quickly and professionally by phone, fax, or email!

Maintenance and Calibration

No job is too big or too small! Equipment loses its efficiency over time and emergency operations can require immediate attention, action, parts, and service. Power Transfer Products will rebuild your pump or meter, restoring them to full performance. Meter accuracy is essential for profitability, especially with fluctuating fuel and oil prices. A regularly scheduled meter calibration and service program pays for itself. Our state-certified meter calibration specialists will ensure all meters are accurately registering.


Power Transfer Products’ Services include:

  • Pump Repair (All Brands and Types, Makes and Models)
  • Meter Repair (All Brands and Models)
  • Meter Calibration (All Brands and Models)
  • Motor Replacement
  • Skid Fabrication and Assembly (Including Sandblast and Paint)
  • Custom Design and Engineering

FREE Power Transfer Products’ Services include:

  • FREE Use of Demo Pump (Dixon Model: M1561-N)
  • FREE Pick Up of Pump or Meter (scheduled for repair or calibration)
  • FREE Local Delivery of New Pumps or New Meters within a 50-mile radius (of the Power Transfer Products Shop)

Power Transfer Products provides reliable services and standard product warranties and service. Customized services are important to Power Transfer Products. We feel that customer satisfaction and service are of the utmost of importance. “If we do not have it, we will help find it.”