Regenerative Filtration System

Regenerative Filtration SystemPower Transfer Products brings you customized regenerative filtration systems. These filtration products and systems help customers increase profitability and minimize operator intervention.

Regenerative Filtration Systems

Permanent industrial elements and filters require periodic industrial strength cleaning. Regenerative filtration systems are back-flushing filters designed to eliminate operator intervention and contamination and greatly reduce hazardous waste while filtering difficult solids like Iron Sulfide. Engineered systems are customizable and scalable, and allow filtration to be increased as needed upon demand.

Regenerative filtration systems distributed by Power Transfer Products are equipped with stainless steel filter elements to provide longer life. They are typically designed to provide maximum contaminant-holding capacity. No flow rate or pressure drop is sacrificed. Filter elements accommodate current need as well as future capacity expansion. The long-life filter element is composed of a compressed, sintered metal fiber. Woven wire mesh and a high strength spring is located on either side of each element.

A constant, high-tech, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitors process conditions. The cleaning process is activated automatically when the filter elements’ differential pressure detects the dirty set-point. The low differential pressure conserves pumping power. The equipment is protected by internal safeguards. The plant control is notified when necessary.

Regenerative filtration systems typically have low overall system pressure drop as well as low differential pressure. They use less power consumption and require minimal maintenance. Low maintenance reduces costs and turnaround time.

These fully automated filtration systems minimize the volume of hazardous waste by eliminating operator exposure to hazardous materials. A waste post-processing decanter vessel collects any hazardous materials, which typically amount to sludge that has the consistency of toothpaste.
An optional chase fluid moves the hazardous fluids when necessary.

The system’s implementation is a fully automated closed loop control mechanism, which monitors all critical system parameters and generates necessary reports. Automation eliminates the need for any operator readings.

The Backflushing Process

The regenerative filtration process is nearly instant, taking less than a second. The system releases high-pressure backflush gas that is stored in the upper accumulator vessel. The purified fluid is forced through filter elements. The “filter cake” contamination is removed from the inside out, by the high-pressure, low-volume back flushing process. The lower horizontal vessel collects the filter cake.


Regenerative filtration applications include:

  • Rich and Lean Amine Systems
  • Oil & Gas Processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Nuclear
  • Waste Water
  • Power Generation and Utilities
  • Fuel Blending

Power Transfer Products provides a standard one-year warranty on all customized regenerative filtration systems distributed through Power Transfer Products. We guarantee fast and reliable delivery of any new fluid handling system.