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Power Transfer Products is a distributor of Velcon Filters. Velcon Filters, of Colorado Springs, CO was initially a niche manufacturer of filtration systems and purifying and filtering products. It was acquired in 2012 by Parker Hannifin Corporation, a global leader providing precision-engineered solutions for the mobile, industrial, and aerospace markets. The acquired Velcon company is part of Parker’s Filtration Group, marketed as Parker/Velcon.

Velcon Filtration Division

The Parker Velcon’s Aviation solution includes vessels and replacement cartridges that meet U.S. and international requirements, including Energy Institute (EI) specifications for fluid filtration processing end markets.

Parker Velcon’s Military products includes specialized filtration and fueling solutions for military fuels.

Parker Velcon’s Electric Utility / Transmission & Distribution technologies and filtration solutions are industry recognized for ensuring CLEAN DRY insulating oil used in transformers, circuit breakers, and load tap changers.

Parker Velcon’s  CLEANDiesel® filtration and condition monitoring solutions are designed to help meet today’s diesel engine fuel cleanliness need. The innovative condition monitoring technologies helps monitor and control invisible solid and water contaminants that can cause costly equipment damage and down time. CLEANDiesel ensures CLEAN DRY FUEL, helps extend equipment life, and reduce overall operation costs.

velcon lab testingLabs and Product Testing

Parker Velcon lab-tested products are used in a variety of industrial fluid clarification applications. Research and development focuses on finding and applying cost effective solutions to each customers’ specific needs. Rigorous testing is performed to meet, or in many cases, exceed industry specifications in the world’s largest indoor testing lab located in Colorado Springs, CO. Test loops gauge the product’s ability to remove dirt and water from hydrocarbon fuels. A separate open coalescing tank examines coalescing performance. A burst chamber is used to determine cartridge burst and collapse strength.

Diesel and biodiesel filtration products are tested for flow resistance, particle retention, contamination loading (to max-rated differential pressure), structural integrity, cleanliness, cartridge capacity, maximum product seal pressure, and their ability to remove emulsified water and bulk water from diesel fluids.

State-of-the-art analysis equipment allows for identification of contaminant source and allows for the most effective solutions to quickly resolve customer contaminant issues.

Filter Cartridges

velcon filtersParker Velcon supplies more replacement cartridges to purify jet fuel than any other company in the world. Its wide variety of fluid clarification products and filter cartridges, include:

  • Coalescers – Coalescer cartridges are employed as the first stage in filter/separator vessels for separating water from hydrocarbon fluids. They perform two functions: (1) coalesce (combine) highly dispersed, emulsified water particles into larger water drops and (2) filter-out particulate contaminants.
  • Separators – Separator Cartridges are employed as the second stage in filter/separator vessels. Their sole function is to repel coalesced water drops produced by the first stage cartridges while allowing hydrocarbon fluids to pass through. Water drops settle into the filter/separator sump and are not carried downstream. All particle filtering is done by the first stage coalescer cartridge.
  • Filter and Pleated Paper Cartridges – Employs pleated media with large surface area for filtration of granular contaminants. Recommended for applications where the contaminant is granular (non-colloidal), allowing maximum utilization of the high surface area
  • Fiberglass Pre-filter Cartridges – Velcon Fiberglass Depth Cartridges have proven superior in filtering colloidal or slimy contaminants. Fiberglass elements consistently filter lube oils with colloidal contaminants better with dramatically longer life than other types of media.
  • Aquacon® Water-Absorbing Cartridges – Patented Aquacon® Filter Cartridges have a unique high-capacity inner filter media which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less than 5 ppm in the effluent. Absorbed water is chemically locked into this media. Solid contaminants are removed by the cartridge’s two particulate filter media layers. Performance is not affected by the presence of common surface active agents.

velcon filters

Velcon Sensor Products

Velcon produces high quality aviation and jet fuel industry products that filter, clean, and remove water from hydrocarbon fuels, oils, and other fluids. Its innovative condition monitoring solutions include:

Velcon Sensor Products

  • The Flow Differential Pressure Module (FDPM®) Mark II, which automatically reports corrected differential flow rate pressures.
  • The Differential Pressure Module (DPM™) allows for prevention of fuel from overloading the system by stopping flow when differential pressure exceeds programmed threshold. The DPM is also future upgradable to the FDPM MKII.
  • Velcon Contaminant Analyzer (VCA®), provides real-time fuel quality analysis in the field by employing laser technology to detect the presence of both water and particle solids in fuel
  • The icount line of products are state-of-the-art particle counters field proven for over 25 years
    • icountBSPlus – The benchtop solution to fluid contamination bottle sampling
    • icount ACM20 – State-of-the-art Fuel Contamination Monitoring The first fully functional particle counter approved for use on fuels.
    • icountFS – Portable Condition Monitoring for Fuel Systems

The Integrated Particulate Monitor (IPM™) is the most cost effective on-line condition monitoring solutions available on the market.

Power Transfer Products provides Velcon filters, vessels, systems, and replacement cartridges that meet U.S. and international standards, configurations, requirements, and EI specifications for fluid filtration processing end markets. Power Transfer Products joins other global distributors of Velcon filters. We strive to provide the best products, filters, fuel transfer pumps and portable pumps for all applications.

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