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dixon pumpsPower Transfer Products provides high quality positive displacement Dixon brand transfer pumps. Dixon’s Blade Master® 2000 Series is the standard of a quality product line that includes Dixon Pumps’ patented Dual Impeller and Wiper Blade Technology. As a result, Dixon Pumps produces the most durable and reliable positive displacement pumps available. Dixon believes that a better positive displacement pump guarantees more production.

High Volume Transfer Pumps

Dixon Pumps’ high-volume positive displacement transfer pump product line is the Blade Master® 2000 Series. It includes 2-in. stationary transfer pumps. Dixon manufactures a portable, 2-in., 3 horsepower, 02-M2019-GII Blade Master Mobile 2000 Series mobile oil pump. It is mounted on a two-wheeled dolly, and, per Dixon Pumps, features a 3 HP, non-explosion proof 110/220V AC, Marathon Blue Chip motor, 3:1 Gear Reducer, and Gen II pump head, full-flow bypass. The pump comes with a hose kit with nozzle, and according to Dixon, it is the most efficient and safest transfer pump in explosive environments.

Dixon Technology Patents

The Blade Master® 2000 Series incorporates wiper blade and dual impeller technologies which increase suction. Maintenance and repairs are reduced as a result because general pump head component wear is shifted to the wiper blades from the impeller. These technologies also give the Dixon Blade Master® line of products a self priming feature and the ability to run dry without pump head or impeller damage for more than 1000 hours.

The Blade Master® Gen II upgrades Permanent Magnet Motor technology, three wiper blades and a three lobe impeller. As a result, it is more energy efficient, quieter, and reduces friction.

Enhanced Horsepower and PSI

Dixon Blade Master® pumps have reversible full flow bypasses, which activate at 25, 50, 75, or 100 PSI depending upon the application. The reversible full flow bypass permits full circulation of the fluid in the pump chamber in bypass mode. This means the product circulating within the pump chamber is not sheared or damaged while in this bypass. Each bypass is explicably built to customer specifications and requirements.

Dixon’s Gen II Blade Master® model increases the outflow and boasts 200% more suction and 30% more discharge than previous Gen I pumps.

Bio-Fuel Transfer

The industrial applications of the Dixon Pumps Blade Master® line of products vary. They include but are not limited to, fuels, bio-fuels, grease, lubricants, ink, and chemicals. More specifically, Dixon fuel transfer pumps move:

  • Ethanol, Methanol, Biodiesel, and CleanDiesel®
  • Solvents and Cleaners
  • Fire-retardant
  • Antifreeze

Power Transfer Products partners with Dixon Pumps to provide quality stationary and portable pumps to our clients. Power Transfer Products partners with and supplies the highest quality hydraulic fluid transport, storage, filtering, and meter calibration custody transfer pumps and technologies for you! Our products’ integrity reflects our commitment to aiding the efficiency of your operations.

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