Diesel Transfer & Tank Loading Systems

Diesel Transfer & Tank Loading SystemsLiquid Fuel Transfer and Tank Loading

Power Transfer Products provides custom designed liquid fuel transfer and tank loading systems. These systems are designed and built to a specific set of customer requirements. We strive to accommodate the client’s needs as well as the client’s specific business criteria and specifications.

Fuel Transfer Tank Systems and Tank Loading Systems

Power Transfer Products’ Diesel Transfer and Tank Loading systems transfer, store, and purify jet and diesel fuels for any onshore or offshore application. We also offer products for liquid fuel handling, including highway, marine, and safety solutions along with rail loading and unloading systems.

Power Transfer Products provides and delivers liquid fuel transfer systems that include pumps, secondary tanks, flow controls, and filtration as well as single and multiple delivery hardware.

Designed aviation fuel systems which include storage tanks and transfer systems, fuel transfer pumps, filters, valves, pipelines, meters, and monitors must be CFR certified to comply with fuel contamination restrictions and fuel load weight shifts. Power Transfer Products works with aviation clients to plan and design fuel transfer tanks and tank loading systems for stationary or mobile applications. Careful consideration is directed toward the process which includes the receipt of fuel on site and storage facilities (above ground and underground), the availability to upgrade existing fuel distribution systems (pipelines, infrastructure, etc.), and hazard, environmental, and safety conditions. Designed fuel receipt and transfer equipment includes offloading stationary or portable pumps, meters, air eliminators, filters, and separators. The fuel is distributed into the tanks via a system of engineered pumps, meters, filtration, and flow control valves. The tanks themselves are equipped with overflow alarms, monitoring gauges, access ways, and vents.

Fuel delivered to a fueling station is transferred by mobile or stationary loading arms into trucks, ships, or railway tankers. Fuels may be transferred from the storage tanks to fuel dispensers, or to the aircraft directly from tanker trucks, or to fuel trucks from product transfer lines. We ensure each fuel system is planned and designed to ensure adequate fuel flow rate and pressure for the aircraft being serviced. Per the client’s specifications, loading arms used to transfer CleanDiesel or jet fuel to railroad tanker cars, trucks, ships, or storage tanks may be built on one or several mobile or stationery skids.

Liquid fuel tanks must comply with regulations governing safety venting and pressure resistance requirements. Power Transfer Products complies with EPA requirements for fuel spit-back prevention and vapor recovery. All of our products meet or exceed liquid fuel leakage, drop, fill pipe, and safety venting system tests.

Power Transfer Products (PTP) is an exclusive provider of specialty engineered fuel transfer and tank loading systems designed to meet the client’s needs and requirements regardless of location, fuel type, storage capacity, hazard, or system.