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Power Transfer Products

Aviation Filters, Pump Skids, Fueling Skids, Storage Tanks Tank Cleaning Systems, Diesel Filtration, more.

Serving the USA, Canada and Latin America, Power Transfer Products is a quality supplier of pumps, meters, and all other equipment related to the handling of liquid products. The company’s philosophy puts an emphasis on Application Engineering to ensure that our products meet your requirements. Our staff members average 20+ years of experience in the industrial equipment field and are eager to serve you.

Power Transfer Products started as a sister company to Tank Service, Inc. Power Transfer Products, LLC was started after Bott Equipment closed in November 2007. The disappearance of Bott left a void in the pump marketplace throughout southeast Texas, especially in those areas that related to the service side of the business and the specialty products for which Bott was also known. In the meantime, Tank Service, Inc. had been very successful at selling and servicing portable tanks, but did not have a consistent way to supply pumps and meters to their customers as part of a complete package. The rest, as they say, is history. With both companies working together, Power Transfer Products has been able to grow and provide many of the same services and products to which Bott’s customers had become accustomed. We still have a passion for the business and our desire is that our success will not only be measured by the money we make but by how many loyal customers we are able to keep once they have had the chance to do business with us.

Like Tank Service, Inc., Power Transfer Products places a very high value on customer satisfaction and service. “If we do not have it, we will help you find it,” has served us well in those cases where we are not a direct distributor for the exact product that the customer wants. Our number one goal is ensure that our customers have a reason to come back again and again. Our knowledge of the industry, our commitment to providing quality work and selling quality products, combined with our dedication to honesty and customer satisfaction, make doing business with us as pleasant as any business transaction can be.

Although Power Transfer Products, LLC and Tank Service, Inc. still work very closely together, in early 2014, Power Transfer Products, LLC emerged as a separate entity without any common ownership from Tank Service, Inc.

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